Decisions, decisions…

My husband and I take ridiculous, over the top photos together and with the kids all the time. I can’t even tell you how many outfits I have just because my husband had an idea for a photo. So after looking at all the beautiful places in Iceland, I knew I’d have to bring a few outfits specifically for photos of us (or just me when my husband is shooting). Finding inexpensive dresses that were good quality and also would allow us to take those flowing dress photos I adore so much was quite a task. We took numerous trips to stores around us and normally left with outfits for the kids, we never had any luck finding the perfect dress. Then, while scrolling Amazon, I found a few that I liked and I saved them to look at later. I looked at those same dresses at least 30 times before finally just buying them. Even though they were very cheap dresses, I was worried they would all be disappointing. Boy was I wrong. These dresses (along with one I found at Forever 21 the day before the other dresses arrived) are stunning and feel like they were made just for me.

If you need photoshoot outfit ideas, look no further. Flowing dresses always look amazing. Being a destination photographer, I understand the importance of both looking amazing but being easy to travel with, these fit that bill! I know these may not be the best wardrobe choices for Iceland’s very unpredictable weather (even in the middle of Summer) but I’m so ready to wear these all over the Icelandic countryside. We made sure to get a color variety for all the locations we may visit. A bold turquoise dress on the black sand at Reynisfjara Beach in Vík. A vibrant red dress to wear in front of one of the many blue flowing waterfalls. And simpledresses to wear while running through any of the lava fields or while standing on the edge of a heart stopping cliff in the Westfjords.

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