Hey y’all!

Julio & Hannah are the names and lame photos in cliché places is our game. We are an unbelievably awkward duo that you can find roaming around with two kids looking for the best iced coffee and tacos. Julio is currently in the military and spends the majority of his time perfecting his power napping ability, Hannah is a photographer that dabbles in the art of getting two little kids to eat their vegetables (and will be the main writer for this blog, so prepare yourself). Some call us a power couple, some say we are like characters out of a fairy tale, but most people just laugh at our dry sense of humor.

Awesome family photo, take 1.

On the real side, we spend all of our time with these two beautiful children doing fun stuff. I would say we spend 90% of our time either at the beach or swimming in the pool, these two are in love with being in the water. It only makes sense that they learned to swim at the ripe old age of 2 and 4 years old! When it comes to adventuring though, these two love exploring more than we do. Every little trip we go on absolutely amazes them and blows their mind, even if it is just down the road to paddleboard in the Bay, and that makes it so much better.

So raise your hand if you are ready for a wild ride, because we really don’t know how well any of our adventures are gonna end, but we are SO ready to find out!