Adventure on the Horizon

Adventure on the Horizon

Picture this, two photographers meet, one is well traveled and focused on landscapes and wildlife, the other has never left the continental United States and adores portraits and all things people. Time passes and they get married and decide, hey, let’s plan a trip. So like every other person does, they planned a trip to Iceland for their honeymoon to see cascading waterfalls, black sand beaches, and beautiful green fields surrounded by jagged cliffs. That is what everyone else does… right?

Great Sand Dunes National Park
Julio (the half-naked man on the left) and Hannah (the pigeon toed lady on the right)

So, married for just a month and a half, gearing up for our first (but definitely not last) international adventure together, and I have learned a lot about myself. Mainly that I may go a little too in depth with trip planning and probably need to calm down a bit and just go with the flow, but with this being my first time out of the States, I want to get as much out of this trip as humanly possible during the 8 days we are there. And yes, instead of doing a simple guided tour in another country or going on a cruise to slowly dip my toes into international waters, we are throwing ourselves right out there and completely embracing this trip and all it has to offer. We will be renting a car (thankfully a 4×4 so that we can travel to all the hard to reach places), camping in a tent, eating local foods (including the hot dogs we hear so much about), and taking hundreds of thousands of photos of everything while we are there. It is so difficult trying to narrow down what spots we want to go to, what guided tour we DO want to go on while we are there, and what waterfalls we REALLY need to see. Honestly, I never knew that choosing waterfalls would really be such a struggle, and yet here we are. So far, the second most difficult decision of planning was choosing a rental car for our trip there. We bounced around between 3 different companies and dozens of vehicles, do we want 2wd or 4wd, automatic or manual, diesel or petrol, and which extra insurance options do we really need? In the end, we decided on a 4wd manual vehicle, just so we can go off the beaten path just a little bit, but dang, choosing the vehicle was exhausting so you all can imagine what it is like planning everything else!

Not even 1/4 of all the stuff we have sticky noted and circled.

We plan on sharing the budget for the whole trip, our gear, and all the places we decided to book through to save money, but we are always open to questions! So if you want to follow us on our pre-trip shopping excursions, our adventures here in the good ol’ U-S of A, or you just want to see where life takes us next, then tune in weekly (or bi-weekly, momlife is pretty intense sometimes) or justĀ follow us on instagram!